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South Coast Design & Construction, LLC was started by Christian McCullough and Michael Bichsel to provide residential and commercial customers with a level of construction and design-build construction services not typically seen today.

Mr. McCullough has over 15 years experience in the renovation, restoration, and construction of both residential and commercial buildings.  He is trained as a structural engineer and architect, is a certified construction supervisor,  and has spent ten years employed as an engineer specializing in the renovation and restoration of existing buildings and, during this time period, has identified many construction failures which are all too typical with today’s construction techniques and materials.  Mr. McCullough is an expert in the field of building envelope (wall systems, windows, doors, roofs, balconies, etc.) renovations/repairs and in the weatherization of these systems.

Mr. Bichsel has 10 years experience in the design and construction of residential and commercial projects.  He is a certified building specialist and Massachusetts building code authority. Mr. Bichsel is experienced in both residential and commercial CAD drafting of both new construction and renovation projects.

During the evaluation and design of renovations/ repairs/restorations to more then 200 residential, commercial, and historical buildings, We concluded that building owners should expect that quality construction techniques and materials will be used on there projects to minimize the possibility of premature failures. This includes attention to exterior waterproofing details in conjunction with quality interior finishes and systems.

We believe that these complementary skills allow us to provide both the residential and commercial client with a level of craftsmanship and professionalism not normally seen in today’s construction industry.

We will gladly provide design and drafting services, to both homeowners and fellow contractors for changes to existing plans, custom additions, and custom cabinetry/finish projects.  We have a working relationship with both registered architects and registered engineers and are able to provide these services should stamped drawings be required for your project.

We provide this level of expertise on all sizes and types of projects.  No job is to small and we will gladly look at any size project and provide a free estimate for services.

All calls are returned in a timely manner.

polite, professional, and courteous

They built a new addition, remodeled our kitchen and bathroom.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the results.  We lived in the house throughout construction and all the workers were polite, professional, and courteous throughout the process.  We would definitely recommend them to friends and work with them again.

Mattapoisett, MA