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sustainable building practices

South Coast Design and Construction is an Energy Star Rated Builder.  All of our new homes, as well as major renovations, are Energy Star Certified.  We partner with a Home Energy Rater (HERs) for all new homes and major renovations to ensure that our completed homes are well above minimum Building Code Standards for energy efficiency.  This provides our clients with homes that have lower overall energy consumption than a standard home built to Building Code standards.  We work with a HERs rater from the design phase through building occupancy.

A typical Green Building Project consists of the following:

• Incorporates Principles of Sustainable Design

• Begins the project with de-construction and salvage of usable materials

• Includes a ‘whole-house performance audit’ to determine the optimum choices for energy efficiency and comfort

• Includes construction methods and materials that are energy efficient, certified sustainable/reclaimed, contribute to healthy indoor air quality, and are conscious of the impact on the natural environment

• Incorporates Best Building Practices that will last for generations

• Incorporates non-toxic building materials

• Involves teaming with local suppliers and trade specialists to both support community economics and leave less of a carbon footprint

great to work with

Christian, Mike, and their team have been great to work with.  They have been professional, creative, and show a great deal of experience.

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