house moving

Recent updates to the MA Building Code, changes to FEMA flood maps, as well as the upcoming increase to Flood Insurance rates have made waterfront construction more challenging. Larger projects typically require some type of Building Moving to comply with current FEMA or MA Building Code standards.  If an existing home is not above the required FEMA base flood elevation for it’s location, the extent of construction allowed is limited and it is anticipated that substantial flood insurance increases will occur in the near future. We have the expertise to elevate existing structures as well as relocate them to other locations. We would rather repurpose an existing house then throw it into a dumpster and find that a well built structure can provide years of future service after proper renovations.

Our staff has extensive knowledge of all flood zone construction techniques and code requirements. This allows us to provide clients with a worry free project that will not be delayed due to a new requirement which was not followed during construction. Our experience with waterfront construction allows us to recommend the best construction materials to be utilized on each project. We only utilize products that have a proven track record for exposure to the extreme waterfront conditions.


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