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waterfront construction

Building a home on the waterfront requires attention to detail that is not typically required on inland homes.  Heavy rain and high winds can result in water travelling sideways or straight up.  Our staff has extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with these extreme conditions and we utilize the best construction and flashing techniques to ensure that your house will provide years of worry free service.  Our staff has extensive knowledge of all FEMA flood zone construction techniques and building code requirements.  This allows us to provide clients with a worry free project that will not be delayed due to a new code change which was not followed during construction.  Our experience with waterfront construction allows us to recommend the best construction materials to be utilized on each project. We only utilize products that have a proven track record for exposure to the extreme waterfront conditions.


very professional

I enjoyed working with all you crew members.  Everyone was very professional and able to address any snags we ran into.  I’ve enjoyed showing off the finished product.  Everyone is very impressed and can’t believe it is the same house.  Thanks again for giving me my dream kitchen and bath.

Marion, MA